Darkon Architectural Lighting

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TRIM RADII REC is a curved profile able to combine with linear lengths to achieve a variety of shapes and architectural effects. Available in 3 different radii and 2 different angles the combinations are virtually limitless.

Extruded aluminium body, machined aluminium end caps, extruded acrylic lens
White powdercoat / Black powdercoat (powdercoat finishes only)
Light Source
Tridonic STARK LED
Design Features

Dot free homogeneous illumination
Screwless end caps
Multiple fixed output options
Multiple snap fit lens options
Zhaga compliant
High exit lumens per watt
80 or 90 colour rendering
Small colour tolerance Macadam 3
L90 / B10 @ 42,000 hours @ 250mA /25°C TA
L70 / B10 @ 123,000 hours @ 250mA/ 25°C TA

Installation Features

Detailed shop drawings
Australian made
Supplied 100% pre-built
Snap fit gear tray with integrated driver
Plug and Play wire looms
5 year warranty
10 year extended warranty optional
Project specific labelling referencing type numbers
Welded mitre joins eliminate light bleed


Project Images