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Video and Media of Events & Installations by Darkon, proudly designed & manufactured in Melbourne, Australia.

Blinded by the Light

As part of a new International marketing campaign, Darkon, with acclaimed Australian artist and illustrator Jeremy Ley, has produced a series of graphic stories exploring the unique and sometimes *strange/dark/hidden/behind-the-scenes world of architectural lighting.

Come on a strange and dark journey, and meet some of the weird and crazy characters at Darkon.


Making lights is a dark art, especially here at DARKON. This short clip provides an insight into our Australian manufacturing processes as well as a glimpse of our 7,000m2 factory and headquarters – including some of our specialised machinery and operators in action! Take a look at the place where the magic happens, and the people who make lighting dreams come true!


After thirteen years of operating in Collingwood, Darkon has engaged Vaughan Construction to deliver a new 5,000m2 facility located in Broadmeadows, with handover scheduled for January 2021!


We relaunched the Darkon Sydney Showroom by going back in time to throw a ‘Back to the Future’ party, who knows what time travel rules we all broke that night!

Flinders Street Station Lighting

An epic overview of the dynamic lighting show now capable at Flinders St Station.

Blues Brothers Party (2018)

To celebrate the new Laser Cutting facility, Darkon followed their mission from god and held the “Blues Brothers Party”!

‘HIP’ Party (2017)

To celebrate and promote the ‘hippest’ new product, Darkon held the product launch for ‘HIP’  – Groovy Baby!

10 Year Anniversary (2016)

A night of celebration for the faithful team of Darkon who made everything possible for the past 10 years—Pirate style.

IES File Party (2015)

Chit-chat, drinks, exhibitions, music and more. Take a look at all the happenings in our 2015 IES File Party.