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A beautifully delivered lighting solution for client, Rialto Melbourne, has been handed over. Darkon in partnership with Lumascape, are very proud to announce that the new rooftop lighting for this iconic installation is commissioned and fully operational.

Custom built Vestalux V2 fixtures manufactured by Lumascape were commissioned by specialist lighting consultants NDYLIGHT with the installation specific inclusion of both a Royal-blue and Mid-blue LED chipset, to perfectly replicate the historical visual impact of this luminary landmark on the Melbourne skyline.

To stunning effect the Towers are again shining bright as we know them, but now with some new, full-colour, dynamic capabilities!

Stay tuned for special events to witness the power of these direct-view linear luminaires in full effect, on the reference project for this compact and technically impressive facade lighting fixture.

Completion Date
October, 2020
Melbourne, VIC
Lighting Design


Electrical Contractor
Skyrise Electrical
Electrical Engineer
Project Manager
A.G. Coombs