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A recently constructed coastal retreat at Nungurner in East Gippsland is the focal point of innovative and socially inclusive design directions for Darkon.

The design features a striking suite of Darkon, Dean Phillips and Lumascape lighting. ‘Nungurner’ is thought to derive from the language of the area’s traditional Aboriginal owners, the Gunaikurnai people, and translates as “beautiful place”.

This attractively considered and rendered residential design is set off by a feature chandelier co-designed by Dean Phillips and Northern Territory Aboriginal weaver and artist Freida Pettersson of Kakadu’s Murumburr clan. Working in close collaboration, Dean and Freida have created a stunning and unique chandelier featuring handmade shades made from Pandanus leaves traditionally collected, treated and coloured with tree roots, berries, and seeds collected throughout Freida’s homelands at Kakadu.

Made from inverted baskets woven in traditional techniques in innovative ways, the feature is uplit by Antiqued Bronze finish 240V CHROME DOME lamps.

Mineral-insulated copper-clad cable was used as the unique suspension system, representing lighting strikes hitting the Arnhem Land escarpment in Kakadu.

The weaving connecting the baskets also suggests the water running off the escarpments, knitting the landscape together. It also symbolises the drying out of waterways and dry season walking tracks around the rocky outliers of Kakadu amazing landscapes.

Private Residence
Completion Date
December, 2018
Nungurner, VIC
Lighting Design

Dean Phillips

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