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This stunning Library and Cultural Hub showcases how good design and collaboration between a municipal council, library patrons and the architectural and engineering teams recently delivered a state-of-the-art community complex. The space includes an art gallery, conference and meeting areas, maternal and child health suites, a theatrette and cafe, in addition to the extensive library facilities. The use of rich timbers gives the space a warm and welcoming aesthetic; however, the contrasting materiality within the architectural language is reflected in the grey stone and strong black linear lighting elements throughout.

Buxton Construction embraced the delivery challenges of lighting coordination on this scale with PROAB Electrical meticulously working through the sign-off and approval process to ensure all lighting lengths and specifications were supplied and installed exactly as per the detailed Croxon Ramsay / Integral Group design intent documented by lead architect, Catherine Ramsay and engineering lead, Andrew Coulston.

Banyule City Council
Completion Date
March, 2021
Ivanhoe, Melbourne
Electrical Contractor
PROAB Electrical
Electrical Engineer
Integral Group
Croxon Ramsay
Buxton Construction