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The Moose Imagination Tree stands 16m tall, spanning four levels of the Monash Children’s Hospital. A very engaging and fun project to work on, the resource provides an incredible space for children and adults alike – encouraging visitors to explore, restore and play through a variety of sensory experiences to provide comfort and inspiration to sick children and their families.

Consulting engineers Waterman Group, embraced the challenge laid down by ClarkeHopkinsClarke Architects to provide an electrical design delivering the functionality required for a series of ‘leaf’ and ‘cloud’ elements. The structures were required to respond to children using the space by changing colour through an interactive experiential design.

In response to the architectural direction, Darkon and acoustic panel manufacturer Autex Australia Pty Ltd formed a collaborative partnership to construct the required elements, which were fabricated using a combination of RGB-W and Tunable-White LED light sources to allow for a huge range of visual effects. Installation and the complex control requirements was deftly handled by electrical contractors ODM Electrical Contractors Pty Ltd


Monash Children's Hospital
Completion Date
January, 2020
Melbourne, VIC
Electrical Contractor
ODM Electrical Contractors
Electrical Engineer
Waterman AHW
Clarke Hopkins Clarke