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To showcase an example of Australian partnerships achieving international recognition and reinforcing our position as significant global suppliers of products and services, take a moment to appreciate this year’s Show Garden entry: “Composition,” a wellness-themed creation by Christian Jenkins Landscape Design, proudly sponsored by DARKON. “Composition” follows in the footsteps of last year’s winning entry, “Inner Calm,” which received the highly prestigious City of Melbourne Award of Excellence for Best in Show at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show.

This year, “Composition” continued to enchant audiences with its serene and immersive design including a traditional Japanese forest, serene bodies of water, and a natural stone cobble pathway. Twilight illumination revealed a new identity for the space, showcasing its dynamic after-dark personality. Notably, this year’s design featured an extraordinary “LOOP PORTAL” entranceway fabricated by DARKON, seamlessly transporting viewers into the garden and igniting a journey into their inner consciousness. An avid gardener herself, Darkon CFO Anne Chen, enthusiastically cast her vote for her favourite creation in the MIFGS People’s Choice Award. Her excitement soared when she learned that “Composition” was awarded the esteemed Gold Medal at the Shenzhen Flower Show in China, following its transport and installation there! This inspiring achievement highlights the recognition of Australian design on the international stage.

We are thrilled to celebrate the success of “Composition” and its global journey, showcasing the excellence and innovation that Australian manufacturing and design have to offer.

Christian Jenkins Landscape Design
Completion Date
April, 2023
Carlton Gardens, MELBOURNE
Lighting Design


Christian Jenkins
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