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The transformation of 135 King Street, imparted a prominent blending of commerce and retail at the heart of Sydney’s CBD. Central to this project is the bespoke chandelier which evolved from a standard decorative product, TALLBOY; -customised by Lightwaves to boast 85 individual pendants, cleverly divided: half with transparent diffusers, and half with split transparent/translucent diffusers to create a nuanced and harmonious lighting effect. Meticulous craftsmanship extends to the suspension system, wherein each luminaire is rod-suspended for cable concealment and aesthetic stability.

These rods elegantly join with five curved rings thoughtfully positioned at varying heights. Notably, this unique chandelier features suspension rods up to 4.5m in length, posing manufacturing challenges for our internal powder coating, assembly, and shipping processes. Additionally, delivery of oversized consignments to the bustling Sydney CBD added another layer of complexity to the project.

Special thanks to Kerfoot and Shape for their careful planning, coordination, and execution of the installation, which was required to be performed whilst maintaining access to the building for both the public and tenants throughout the entire duration of the project. The Kerfoot team’s ability to adapt to unconventional hours demonstrates their commitment to completing the project without inconveniencing the building’s occupants whilst fulfilling the ambitious Shape construction program. The successful installation of this unique pendant was testament to Kerfoot’s ability to handle the intricate and specialised elements of the project and their dedication, expertise, and professionalism.

Investa Property Group
Completion Date
March, 2023
Sydney CBD, NSW
Lighting Design


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Scott Carver