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We’re thrilled to share our involvement in the stunning ELEVEN EASTERN project, a testament to exceptional teamwork and innovation. DARKON proudly served as the distributor for the feature lighting product, and this project showcases the power of collaboration and how creative lighting design can transform a building into a true work of art. Kudos to the entire team for bringing this vision to life!

The Luxconex product used in this project is a testament to innovation and cutting-edge design. Its integration into the architectural facade of ELEVEN EASTERN has created a mesmerising visual spectacle, illuminating the South Melbourne skyline.

Within selected building fins and picture window frames, our Linear LED solution creates a striking feature, articulating the building’s form. The light sources are carefully detailed, featuring accurate dimming to ensure neighbouring properties do not receive obtrusive spill light.

For those who love delving into the technical aspects, here’s a standout feature of the Luxconex – SR Contour Light – Serial Peripheral Interface LED product;

Direct Artnet-to-SPI interface with 2048 channels per SPI output line: This cutting-edge feature ensures precise control and synchronisation, allowing for an impressive display of light and colour and making it the perfect choice for projects like ELEVEN EASTERN.

I&S Investments
Completion Date
April, 2023
South Melbourne, VIC
Lighting Design

ADP Consulting

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M Squared Electrical
Hacer Group
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